World Stationery Day

Paper, Pens and Planners … oh My!

Cards, Colours and Craft … oh My!

Scrapbooks, Stamps and Stickers .. oh My!

I love stationery every day and have done forever! Who knew there was one special day to celebrate?

Wednesday April 21st, 2021

Bring it on!

The aim of International Stationery Day (which actually runs for a whole week) is to celebrate writing by hand, to get people all over the world talking about and sharing their favourite stationery products , and of course, for everyone to send more letters and cards. We are so swamped by electronic messages (yes I know.. this is one- the irony is not lost on me!) The art of writing letters and sending cards is about the time and effort to make and send a personal message. I encourage you all to embrace this opportunity to reach out to someone with a paper hug! Can you see the potential happiness and surprise of receiving a picture, a postcard, a greeting card or a piece of artwork created by you? Even if you don’t share your project, take some time at your desk to play with all your favourite stationery items. Be honest! There really is a favourite pen or paper that you reach for!

This is the time to declare that I am indeed a ‘Stationery Addict’ and proud of it! This love of all things Stationery has been integral in my embracing this path of creating and blogging! Of course I am delighted to be representing Stampin’ Up! as an Independent Demonstrator and sharing the love of all things stamps, ink and paper!

Confession time… I tend to be hypnotised by all the pretty colours, patterns, sparkles and promises of being more connected, organised and creative. My enthusiastic purchases are then followed by the dread of making a mistake when I begin to write in my new journal, or even worse, resist cutting into the beautiful paper and storing it for aesthetic pleasure only.

A simple solution is to dive into Kits! An incredibly successful crafting experience with all the joys of beautiful stationery. Instructions, precuts and coordinated products take the guesswork out of the process.

Here is a beauty for you! The Gorgeous Posies Project Kit makes 16 cards and includes a designer box to store them in. Hand crafted cards are economical in addition to the bonus of looking like a true artist. The recipients of these cards will swoon with your talent and thoughtfulness!

Kits may not be your thing. You may prefer to let your imagination run wild! Pick your favourite products and set to work. Search for new inspiration in the catalogues, through my blog and social media or just get started and see what comes when you combine our products with your time, talents and skills! A listing of all products can be found on my website.

I would love to see what projects you create!

Meanwhile, I wave my favourite pens in the air and wish you a very happy World Stationery Day!

Kind Sentiments and Inky Hugs

Linda xx

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